“When it’s time to replace your existing S-Cam Bushings, install ETCOM’s “No Grease” S-Cam Bushings to significantly increase the life of your brakes, drums, S-Cam shafts, and tires. The bushings will also improve safety, lessen downtime, provide smoother braking – and you will greatly reduce your problems associated with using grease”

*All Bushings Made In The USA

ETCOM “No-Grease” S-Cam Bushings

Replace your current S-Cam Foundation Brake bushings with ETCOM’s “No-Grease” Composite alternative bushings to lessen maintenance, improve brake and tire performance, and eliminate the need to lubricate the S-Cam bushings.

Big Advantages and Savings

  • No more contamination from Grease leaking onto your brake pads and drums
  • Greatly prolongs the life of your brake system by maintaining tighter tolerances
  • Not affected by Water, Salt, Road Grime, Sand, Solvents, Fuels, Contaminants or Freezing Weather
  • Our Bushings will fit almost all Bushing Housings for Tractors, Trailers, Trucks & Buses
  • No more Grease in your Brake System which can lead to serious braking and Safety issues
  • Reduces maintenance costs and “Down Time” leading to greater profitability and productivity. More time on the road – less time in the garage
  • Easy to Install
  • Reduces brake squeal and uneven tire wear
  • Less likely to be ticketed or tagged by law enforcement
  • Will not melt or cold-flow from overheating. Our bushings will maintain their original shape and will not “Squeeze out” over time
  • Our bushings are not affected from trailers sitting idle, they will not freeze-up due to downtime
  • We use no abrasives or glass fillers. Our bushings will polish your S-Cam shaft
  • No more crawling under your truck to grease the S-Cam bushings. That’s Over!
  • ETCOM “NO Grease” S-Cam Composite Bushings will take a pounding and keep on running

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