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Boston, MA “No Grease” S-Cam Brake Bushings Supplier

Boston is Massachusetts’ capital and largest city. Founded in 1630, it’s one of the oldest cities in the U.S. The key role it played in the American Revolution is highlighted on the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile walking route of historic sites that tells the story of the nation’s founding. One stop, former meeting house Faneuil Hall, is a popular marketplace. Boston is home to some of the most renowned and highly ranked universities in the world near Boston, MA. Some of these universities include Harvard, MIT, and Tufts. On top of that, greater Boston has more than 100 colleges and universities with 250,000 students enrolled in Boston and Cambridge alone.

Boston, MA Brake Bushings Supplier
Truck Bushings - Boston, MA

“No Grease” S-Cam Brake Bushings Supplier in Boston, MA

ETCOM has developed a specialty replacement bushing to address the current replacement product deficiencies in the global trucking market. A majority of the trucks on the road today employ S-Cam Foundation Brakes. These brakes require bushings, which need to be lubricated frequently to avoid wear. The grease used to lubricate these bushings, however, causes many problems with the operation and maintenance of the braking system. In addition, the current plastic and copper bushing are subject to extreme temperatures causing them to expand, contract, and over time leads to uneven wear of the braking system and the tires.

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